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Dental Implants

Losing natural teeth can make eating painful and speaking clearly difficult. Tooth loss also can have a big impact on your self-esteem.

At Demille MacKay Dental in West Valley City, UT, our dentists perform every step of dental implants treatment in-house.

Learn how the team at our dental practice provides the greater Salt Lake City, UT, area with first-class dental implant treatment.

What Are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are posts secured in your gums and jawbone. Their main function is to support a dental restoration, like a crown or bridge. They also give support to your facial structure and prevent oral health problems that come with bone loss and gum recession.

Choose a Local Team With Proven Experience

Finding a professional to conduct your dental implant treatment can be tricky. Many dentists refer out for implant placement, which can mean extra appointments and coordinating care from multiple providers.

Instead of traveling from your regular office to an implantologist and back again, there's a way that you can receive all of your tooth care from a single reliable Utah team: seeing the dentists at DeMille MacKay Dental.

Dr. Christopher DeMille has close to two decades of dental experience. He uses surgical guides for more precise treatment and placement. ​Finally, our whole team is proud to routinely go through continuing education.

Ready to refine your tooth or teeth with a durable titanium implant and restoration? Contact our friendly office staff in West Valley City or call

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You've found an office you can trust with your smile, every step of the way. From implant placement to dental restorations, we're here for you.

"I love knowing that they genuinely care about me." ​West Valley City, UT, Patients Appreciate Their Quality of Care


Rachael Freeman


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I highly recommend DeMille Mackay Dental. I've been to their location several times now and have been impressed by the high quality service, friendly staff, low cost. I recently had two teeth badly chipped in an accident and DeMille Mackay Dental got me in and repaired my teeth within 24hrs. They did an outstanding job and my teeth look so natural! They definitely pay a lot of attention to detail and care about making sure you are taken care of.

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Danica Hansen


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Such a nice, clean office! Everyone is so pleasant and the doctors know their stuff! They are wonderful to explain why treatment is necessary and or recommended to have done! My entire family and I have never left this office unsatisfied! The Dr.’s really are SO nice and fun, I love knowing that they genuinely care about me as an individual and my family. You can really tell that they are passionate about their profession and love to help people anyway they can!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

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Why Choose DeMille MacKay Dental?

Comprehensive Care

Our West Valley City dentists can complete every stage of dental implant treatment in just one location. This includes any preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting or a sinus lift, needed to restore treatment candidacy for patients suffering from low bone density.

Extensive Training

One of our top priorities is to be at the forefront of any developments in the field of dentistry. To this end, our experienced dentists, hygienists, and assistants all undergo regular training and continuing education opportunities. This allows every member of our team to provide our patients with the best possible care.

Advanced Technology

To minimize complications and to ensure our patients enjoy a lifetime of better oral health, our dentists use state-of-the-art technology at every step of dental implant treatment. Digital x-rays and imaging allow us to accurately diagnose any outstanding dental issues, as well precisely plan and place dental implants.

Learn How Dental Implants Can Change Your Life
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If you are ready to address missing teeth with a dental implant-supported restoration, the compassionate team at DeMille MacKay Dental is here to help. Our office in West Valley City, Utah, serves the greater Salt Lake City area by providing comprehensive treatments suited to each patient's individual needs. Our dentists, Drs. Christopher DeMille and Parker DeMille can develop a custom-tailored implant treatment plan to give you a smile you can be proud to share with the world. Our office includes team members who are fluent in Spanish to make treatment as accessible as possible. 

To get started on rebuilding your smile with dental implants, you can use the convenient form below to schedule an initial consultation.

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Affordable Dental Care Financing Options Available

At DeMille MacKay Dental, we strive to provide our community with first-class dental care at affordable prices. Besides our affordable pricing, in order to help keep expenses down, we accept most major dental insurance plans. Our friendly office staff will be happy to file all the necessary paperwork with your provider so that you can be sure you are making the most of your benefits. While many dental insurance plans do not cover dental implant placement, there still may be aspects of your treatment covered by your dental plan, which in turn can lower the overall cost of care.

For patients interested in managing their out-of-pocket expenses, we offer financing through CareCredit®. A credit card that specializes in medical and dental financing, CareCredit provides patients with a range of payment options to best suit their budgetary needs. Our West Valley City office staff can answer any questions you have about financing and insurance coverages during your next visit.

"They make you feel part of the family." Why Utah Patients Trust Us


Wiley Coyote


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Friendly, capable and quality staff. I love the fact that I dont feel like I am buying a used car every time I am in. They present themselves professionally and are efficient in getting the job done.

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Scott Stevens


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Where to start. The office staff are very friendly and professional, they make you feel part of the family, will help solve any issue. The Hygentests are very exact and soft, personable and great educators. Dentist's top notch and caring. Thumbs up all the way.

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Dental Implants Can Combat Jawbone Recession

The roots of your teeth play a major role in maintaining the health of your jaw by supplying important signals to the bone tissue, keeping it strong. When teeth are lost, the lack of stimulation causes your jaw to begin to shrink. The titanium base of dental implants acts just like tooth roots, bonding to your jawbone in a process called osseointegration.

This provides a dental implant-supported restoration with unmatched stability. The restoration is directly attached to your jaw while preventing further jawbone atrophy and restoring the health, function, and form of your smile.

X-ray of dental implant

Implant-Supported Restoration Options Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

Dental Crowns

Addressing tooth loss early can provide patients with a new smile and support their oral and overall health. A single missing tooth can be effectively replaced with a single implant-supported dental crown. 

Explore Crowns

Dental Bridges

Missing two or three consecutive teeth due to trauma or decay can cause issues when eating and speaking. Patients with more progressive tooth loss can take advantage of a dental bridge affixed to two or three titanium implant posts.

Explore Bridges


If you suffer from widespread or complete tooth loss, our dentists can restore your smile with a partial or full denture that looks and functions just like natural teeth. The number of implants needed to support your denture will be determined by your jawbone density.

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Living with total tooth loss for a considerable amount of time can lead to severe jawbone atrophy. Patients not eligible for grafting surgery due to age, health conditions, or budget constraints can take advantage of All-on-4 implant treatment. The All-on-4 technique allows patients who do not qualify for traditional implants to receive a full denture supported by four strategically placed implant posts.

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Mini Implants

Like All-on-4, mini implants offer an alternative to traditional implants for patients who do not have sufficient bone density. Mini implants are much smaller and impact less of the surrounding tissue allowing our dentists to place four to six mini dental implants to securely anchor a lifelike denture.

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"The entire staff is awesome." What West Valley City Patients Are Saying


Don Schulthies


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Very knowledgeable Can do every procedure Don’t have to wait for a crown Good prices Attention to detail is their biggest asset New office with the latest tech

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Devin S


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The entire staff is awesome. Very professional and helpful. Will definitely be coming back to this location again.

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Reduced Treatment Times Thanks to CEREC®

When replacing a missing tooth, you want to restore the proper function of your smile as quickly as possible. With our advanced CEREC system, we are able to produce your implant-supported crown or bridge in a single day, reducing your total treatment time. In some cases, we can immediately load your restoration onto your dental implants, allowing you to experience a fully restored smile without having to wait for your implants to finish fusing to the jawbone.

CEREC uses computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to turn digital impressions of your smile into customized restorations. Using durable and highly aesthetic ceramic porcelain, this system creates crowns and bridges that blend seamlessly with your remaining teeth for a functional and beautiful result.

CEREC machine

Expert Dentists Offering Incredible Results Schedule a Consultation Today

When you choose DeMille MacKay Dental to restore your smile with dental implants, you are choosing a team of dentists who are second-to-none in the communities of West Valley City. Dr. DeMille earned his mastership with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. 

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, you can contact us online or call:

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Traditional Dental Implant Treatment Timeline

The doctors at DeMille MacKay Dental in West Valley City perform every stage of implant treatment in-house. This allows our dentists to monitor every step of your care so that you can enjoy stellar results. To provide a relaxing environment, we can provide nitrous oxide for your comfort. We also offer general sedation provided by an anesthesiologist. Typical dental implant treatment includes:
"From start to finish, dental implant treatment usually takes 10 to 12 months."
"From start to finish, dental implant treatment usually takes 10 to 12 months."

Initial Consultation

During your first appointment, our doctors will review your medical records and ask questions regarding your oral and overall health. We will conduct an examination of your teeth and gums to see if you are a viable candidate for implants. If any issues are found, we can include any preparatory care as part of your comprehensive treatment plan.

Implant Surgery

Using our advanced technology, our dentists will fabricate special surgical guides to ensure that the implants are precisely placed in the most strategic locations. Once in place, incisions will be made in your gums and your implants will be placed.

Healing Period

During the next four to six months, your implants will fuse with the bone in your jaw during a process known as osseointegration.

Abutment Placement

An abutment is a small connector used to attach the implant to your restoration. During a second surgery, an abutment will be placed on each implant post.

Healing Period

During the second healing period it takes six to eight weeks for your gums to heal around the abutments.

Final Restoration

Once healed, you will return to our dental office where our doctors will attach your final crown, bridge, or denture to your implants. You will leave with a fully restored smile that feels, functions, and looks just like natural teeth.

A Closer Look At Dental Restoration Placement

When Dr. DeMille places your implant, he will make an opening in your gums. Over a period of months, the implant will fuse to your jawbone and gums, so that it can properly support your abutment and restoration. Both the restoration and abutment will be discreet and natural-looking, giving you a gorgeous new smile.

"Dr. DeMille and his staff were wonderful." Real Reviews From Our Patients


Nancy Michael


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I highly recommend DeMille Mackay Dental because of the excellent skilled work they do, the friendly compassionate staff and their quick response time for appointments.

My first appointment was almost a year ago, when they gave me an honest assessment of my dental health and guided me through the timing and options available to replace several failing and missing teeth.

Whenever I need to be seen quickly, they fit me in and always give me a couple of times to choose from. They took the time to develop more than one detailed treatment plan for my dentures so I could decide whether I wanted implant-secured ones or not. I was never pressured into any option, but was given the knowledge I needed to make the best decision for me.

The whole process went well and the pain was minimal. My dentures look and feel great. Dr. DeMille and his staff were wonderful during the whole process.

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Justin Brooks


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I recently became a new patient at DeMille Mackay Dental. First experience was a cleaning and exam, and everyone I interacted with was pleasant and professional. At that time, we came up with a reasonable care plan to get my rockstar smile I always dreamed of having. A few weeks later, I had a teeth whitening that also was a great experience with gave great results! A few weeks after that, I had caps placed on my two front teeth. I AM OBSESSED with them! With a reasonable cost, and within a month and a half, I have that rockstar smile I always wanted. The work done here is quality work, and they offer fair and upfront pricing. Everyone is kind, caring and professional. My favorite part of my experiences here is the knowledge and expertise of the staff. They explain everything they want to do/will do in terms that is easily understandable to those of us not professionals in dentistry, and will explain everything they are doing as they are doing it. As a nervous patient, this brought an ease to every procedure done. If you are looking for a great dentist that is professional, quality work and reasonably priced, you have found it at DeMille MacKay dental. Thanks you guys for the rockstar smile! :)

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